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Telegram Contest App (Stage 2)

Web app for

Telegram Contest App (Stage 1)

Web app for Won the third place.

3D Model viewer

Rendering 3D model without using Z-buffer and any 3D engines.

Cubes' Height Editor

Isometric cubes with in-browser code editor, which can control every cube's height.

Circle patterns

Circles with different speeds form new patterns.


Rotating squares

Very tiny animation. I want to expand it later.

Simple Pythagoras Tree

Nothing special. Just pythagoras tree.

Sierpienski rectangle

Endless sierpienski rectangle.

Tactics Simulation

Experimental simulation, where creatures have different tactics and abilities.

The Talos Principle Terminal

All documents and capsules. Russian only.

Polygons in circles

Endless animation of regular polygons in circles.

Pseudo-3D rendering

Pseudo-3D rendering, like in Wolfenstein 3D. WASD controls.

Coding image with each pixel

In-browser code editor gives an ability to change each pixel's color.


In-browser app, which makes photo "polygonized".


3D ASCII Christmas Tree

3D christmas tree in ASCII. Made with THREE.js