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Location: Kiev, Ukraine


Telegram: @dkaraush


Technical skills:

  • Frontend (HTML/CSS/JS, React.JS, <canvas>, WebGL)
  • Backend (TypeScript, Node.JS,
  • Unity3D (C#), shaders (GLSL/HLSL)
  • Telegram stack (MTProto, TON Blockchain)

Projects & achievements

Telegram Contests 2019-2020 (Nickname: Bold Wolf)


Node.JSTypeScriptMySQLReactsocket.ioTON Blockchain
1st place (8,000‎€ for a team)

GramPay is a marketplace with TON Grams with escrow payments and dispute system. In a ~week, I made a smart-contract, wrote a backend and frontend for a chat between sellers and buyers.

GramPay received first place in the blockchain contest and was put on the first place in the list of third-party TON projects.


Telegram Web Client Contest

4th place ($1,000)

The task was to build a Telegram client in web in 2 weeks, using preferably raw MTProto protocol and without using any web frameworks. (React, Vue, Angular etc.)

GitHub Submission

Chart Contests

<canvas> WebGL JS
3rd place ($2,000) 3rd place ($2,000)

The task was to write own chart library in JS to achieve the best performance. During the contest I have learned WebGL and made that library that supports both <canvas> and WebGL.

Final Submission

Other submissions: 2nd place ($4,500) 3rd place ($3,000) 4th place (€2,000) 2020-2021


Volunteer students share their experience about universities to applicants.

I was working primarily on technical part, full stack.

Icy Bounce 2017-2018

Unity3D C#

Arcade mobile game for Android and iOS.

Made after participating in Global Game Jam. After a year development we managed to publish it by ourselves and received Apple featuring: our game has been put in "The Games We Love" section for a few days and reached over 240,000 downloads in App Store.

More info...

English: passed FCE B2 exam (Upper-Intermediate) with 169 on the average.

P.S.: Age: 18 y.o. (born in 2003)

Okay, so here my serious CV ends. If you press Ctrl+P, you would see — this part is hidden.

The fact is — I still have some projects, that helped to gain more experience, but they aren't too serious, or are too old. So I don't want to put them right in the CV, but I still need some place for them. At least, to not forget.